Monday, 18 January 2010

Raw restaurant in Bognor!

On Saturday night I went to a restaurant with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday. We went to a small local restaurant which my parents really like. When my dad booked a table he told them I was a raw vegan and they said for me to ring them to discuss requirements and they would see what they could do. I rang them and asked for a salad, said anything with raw salad/veg and avocado would be nice. They were very friendly and said 'leave it to us.' I was imagining a fairly simple plate of green salad with lots of nice bits and pieces in, mushrooms, etc.

Here is a photo of the starter!

I got there and they had made me a starter (which I hadn't even thought of) of avocado, and avocado ice cream!! They had frozen mashed avocado and it was served in thin strips with a fanned avocado and salad garnish. Main was a 'wild mushroom medley' served in a bowl and decorated on the plate with long fine shreds of carrot. It contained all sorts of things (I have to say I wasn't quite sure of a lot of it) including cauliflower florets sliced thinly (I had never thought of serving cauliflower this way!) and shredded cucumber. I was so impressed! The dressing was extremely vinegary and peppery and I think there was a bit of chilli in there as well - it was very overpowering which was a bit of a shame so I couldn't really taste the salad. But this didn't really matter at all as I was delighted with the effort they had gone to! They told me they enjoyed trying out new things and had looked for raw vegan ideas on the internet! I couldn't thank them enough. Raw most definitely does not have to ruin your social life - (and even if they had given me boring green salad, I still would not have missed out on eating out with my family!)

So my sisters and brother-in-laws were down at the weekend and I made a big jug of green juice for breakfast which they tried and one of them liked, red onion/chilli flax crackers also went down well and many wanted some of my big green salad to supplement their dinner on Sunday night! So I was happy to be able to share my food a bit more - usually I find I can only manage to feed myself on these occasions as it can be difficult when I'm away from home as well. The juicer usually goes with me to my parents and it can be hard always carting bags of vegetables to and fro but I am getting the hang of judging how much I will need for 1/2/3 days away and Mum usually has some bits and pieces I can use too, such as avocados, white cabbage.

Since the juice fast I am also feeling less inclined to just eat for the sake of it, and I haven't had porridge for 5 days now!! Woop. Feeling much more focused as it's the start of the new semester and I'm ready to get back down to work, and this is how I intend things to stay!

Next weekend will be another challenge as I have a funeral and some catering to help with, so I need to have a think what I can do that I can have and that will supplement other people's food well. I would like to have a go at some sweet potato crisps - I haven't even used my mandolin since I got it for Christmas! I am usually slow to start using/trying new things but I always know it will happen when the time is right so I don't need to worry. (If only I was better at thinking this way about the rest of my life!)

Another thing I forgot to mention is my weight. I was a bit worried about my belly being so bloated before Christmas which seemed unrelated to the weight although I knew I had put it on. I feel as if I have lost a few pounds after the juice fast, and my tummy has got flatter at times (like first thing in the morning) so that seems more normal and proportionate. Am keeping an eye on it anyway as I am still not entirely convinced there isn't something else going on with it.

To end on a more positive note - next thing I am going to try is 'rice crispie cakes' in my dehydrator - buckwheat with cacao powder and agave. Should be dead simple and easy yet awesome - just like all the best things I make : )

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