Thursday, 31 December 2009

A long overdue post

Well, I have a lot to update!

I think the fact that I haven't written on here for so long speaks for itself! My school placement was crazy. I got really quite stressed out about it whilst being unmotivated to try and improve the situation at the same time. My food situation was an early breakfast of sunflower seeds, avocado, hemp seeds, etc. a salad of some kind for lunch, and more salad for dinner, followed by porridge. Did not feel I was eating properly at all. Towards the end I was having porridge as a filler when I got in from school before dinner as well as I was pretty hungry by this time. Happily this situation has now changed - I will explain more later.

I treated myself to a Raw Dinner Party with Kate Magic at Manna the end of November, which was awesome. Met some really nice people - it was so good to share experiences, tips, ideas, etc. with other people - the food was FANTASTIC - by far some of the best raw food I've ever had (perhaps not surprising since I have not had much 'gourmet' raw food in my time as a raw vegan! Nevertheless, the selection of curry dishes were amazing and just like the familiar sag aloo, the sag with cauliflower dish, and a tomatoey one I think, only sooo much nicer!) And of course the talk with Kate afterwards warmed my heart and reminded me again of all the reasons I love being raw. Kate has this ability to make you feel so incredibly lucky to be alive.

That is all for now - I will post about my first raw Christmas very soon!!