Friday, 15 January 2010

3-Day Juice Feast - DAY THREE

Today I felt more hungry than not. And I felt tired (7 hours sleep last night) I decided to break the fast tonight and had a romaine, cucumber and green pea salad with avocado, hemp seeds and a drizzle of flax oil and apple cider vinegar. I very much enjoyed it!! I was really conscious of the temptation to over-eat, and so have not done so, eating the salad in two portions, with a short break in between. So it has been 3 whole days minus 4 hours since I last ate solid food. I am quite proud of myself for doing it but found it to be easier than I thought it was be. I probably could have carried on til tomorrow as well but made the conscious decision to eat again tonight.

I have just found some more information on juice-feasting and the difference between this and juice-fasting.

It now appears that I have been juice fasting, as the former involves drinking 4-5 litres a day of juice! I was not having more than 2, and it didn't really feel like enough either. Juice FEASTING is apparently easting everything you need but in liquid form, so would include things like supplements and superfoods including powdered greens. Last time I was in Infinity Foods I nearly bought some hemp protein powder. I definitely will get some and include it in my next juice feast.

Overall I am pleased with how it went. I have had a few headaches and sensations in my back which I am suspicious is my kidneys. Next time I think I need to drink far more water in between juices too.

I have not done a 'before and after' weight check, but I hope I have lost a few pounds. (This was not the reason I did the feast/fast by the way) I can't wait to start running again too now the snow and ice has fiiiinally melted!! Hopefully this will help me keep a bit of the weight on so I don't look quite so thin, but I will just look like I can hold it better, (rather than it all sitting on the top of my jeans)

I feel like having something more to eat now. It will NOT be cooked porridge! But what? I think I am thirsty actually so may have a glass of water and see how I feel then. I have a mango which is tempting... hhm. Right now I feel a bit fuzzy headed too. Maybe today was when the detoxing was really starting to kick in so I should have stuck with it. The way I am going to think of it is that next time I do it, it will be easier, as I will eliminate the porridge and dried fruit from now on (and nuts as much as possible) so will be generally 'cleaner' next time.

So there you have it! 3 days with no solid food. Anything is possible hey. : )

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