Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I had an early night last night and went to bed with my Angel Meditation CD on my ipod. I got it for my birthday back in October and have never listened to it, so I decided tonight was the night. It lasted an hour but I must have fell asleep not long into it (it will be interesting if any of it sounds familiar when I listen to it again whilst fully conscious). So anyway I went to bed all peaceful and woke up the same. The day started well - green juice - wanted breakfast earlier than usual so had that, then ate too much at lunch and as it was late I couldn't go for a run before it got dark. I have been sitting in front of my laptop all day working on a presentation for uni and now at only 6.55pm I feel tired and hungry and a bit headachy and am also craving sugar. All this I find rather annoying. I think it is because I have not drunk enough today. I need to get away from the screen and do something else but I get into that lazy mode where I have stopped being productive but am still sat here attempting to carry on with it... should go down and get a drink. Will make sweet potato crisps overnight tonight too so that is something different : ) Right, I'm off for a change of scenery.

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