Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I went to the doctors about my stomach being bloated. He said it was not an abnormal shape and felt like it was just weight. I have certainly put on weight, and I said it had happened very rapidly. I said it didn't feel like just this. He asked about my mood and my energy levels, suggesting an underactive thyroid which would explain rapid weight gain and 'fatigue'. I am hardly fatigued, but my energy levels are not where I want them to be. They are no worse than when I was on a cooked diet I hasten to add. Better in face. Anyway I had a blood test for underactive thyroid and also for low haemoglobin. I get the results back tomorrow, when I will tell the doctor that I think it is water retention and see what he says. I am not sure whether to tell him I am a raw vegan. I suppose I don't have to act upon it, so getting his opinion can't be a bad thing. It might give me some more things to think about.

The next day it just so happened that Cherie Sorie (Living Light Institute) accepted me as a friend on facebook, and someone had posted a comment about too much raw kale and spinach on a raw fan page which was linked to Cherie's page. Before I new it I was reading about bloating and water retention is also a symptom of hypothyroidism, the cause of which is often lack of zinc. Too much raw spinach and kale, (more than 4 cups a week apparently), amongst other things, contains goitrogens which inhibit your absorption of zinc, which is vital for thyroid function. I have about 4 cups of this a day in my green juice! On top of this, it has become clear that, for some reason, I have cut down on iodine rich foods including garlic, seaweed (because it is so expensive) and bananas. Sesame seeds is another source which I don't tend to have much of. So I have decided to have kale in juice only once a week and am now eating loads of garlic! Coconut oil is also good, and I have just read that selenium is also important for your thyroid - only vegan source I know of is brazil nuts, so I will include more of these too.

I am a bit gutted because I thought my green juices were the best thing ever. It doesn't seem the same having juice with only cucumber and celery and they are not as dark green and not so rich in vitamins and minerals. So I haven't bothered with juice all week. It has saved me a lot of time in the mornings actually!

The upshot of all this is that I have sat up and thought that this diet might need more attention to make sure I am getting optimum nutrition - after all, that is what it is all about, and if I wasn't that bothered about it then I would still be eating a cooked omnivorous diet. I am preparing to make a few changes however and possible include cooked items if recommended. Strangely, I am even thinking that I don't feel as bad at the idea of eating fish, provided it is locally caught. As it is a food of the sea and not bred and manipulated specifically for human consumption. (Most veg I eat is probably mass produced for human consumption too, which is not ideal - one day I will live off my own vegetable garden - but it is not cruel because I don't believe plants have the same feelings and awareness as animals)

My mum is also giving me a reflexology treatment tomorrow afternoon to try and help the situation. I am really looking forward to this!

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  1. hey amy, got your comment about the spinach and i see what you wrote here. i do eat a fair amount of spinach and kale. i was worried that this brought on the thyroid issues, but my naturopath assured me it didn't, that genetics and stress did that.

    i switched to swiss chard in my green smoothies and juice anyhow because i was concerned. then i watched this video from kevin gianni.

    i have since brought back kale and spinach into my diet and i have my blood tested to monitor my thyroid.

    anyhow, i would say not to quit greens altogether but to switch greens if you are nervous. and watch the video too. :-)

    happy healing!


Thanks so much for your comment! Raw love from Amy x x