Monday, 16 November 2009

Kate's green soup

I got out Kate Magic's 'Raw Magic' book for the first time in ages the other night. I decided that tonight I would make this soup as a starter. (It was pretty filling too) Something I've never made before and it was very nice. It is called 'Jonny's luminous soup' in the book. My housemates said it was an awesome colour and looked really tasty. I also had 'cheeky chilli' last night (also in Raw Magic) which is one of my favourites.

Incidently, I am going to Manna in Brighton on Saturday 28th November to a 'dinner party' event with Kate Magic!! I am really looking forward to it as it has been ages since I've gone to any raw event. Will be great to connect with some raw people again! Anyone who is reading this and is coming along - be sure and look out for me! Can't wait to get some of Kate's wonderful life-loving vibes in my direction!!

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