Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I am so tired this week. Haven't had time for green juice any morning this week and am feeling the difference. (So tonight I decided to make one when I got instead!) I'm also starting to think the dark and the cold are beginning to affect me too. School is such hard work because there is so much to take in!! I am just starting to get my head around it all but am really nervous about teaching my first lesson to the whole class on my own. I need something to really boost my confidence.

A few things I haven't mentioned. A while ago I took my blog address and personal information about being a raw vegan off my facebook page. Why? Because I began to wonder whether people would judge me as being a bit strange. When I think back to my old perceptions of what a vegan was, it was someone a bit fanatical about animal rights. I wonder if it would put men off me as well. How will they take me to dinner at their parent's house? What about going out for dinner? At the moment I have no way of telling whether this would be the case but it has occured to me. Some teachers in the staff room today said how lovely my food looked and asked if I was a vegetarian. I said yes. I didn't say I was a vegan in case they thought this was a bad thing, or in case they judge me on it. Vegetarianism seems to be 'ok' somehow!

The good news is I am going to a dinner party/talk with Kate Magic in Brighton in a few weeks time.

Can't wait for the weekend to have a break. Off to do some lesson planning...

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  1. I know what you mean, people tend to judge when you saw your vegan - and god forbid you say you eat raw! I've had people jump down my throat about my diet choice, and it really bothers me. The only good side I see about sharing is that it spurs discussion. A lot of people have never thought about how much diet affects their bodies!


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