Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nothing much to report

I had the rest of the soup for lunch with some more hemp seeds sprinkled on top and it really is more filling than it seems once you've let it go down! A lot of people were curious what it was but again no negative comments or questions which lead me to talk about my diet, which is so refreshing. Not that I expect this but I am usually on guard. Anyway, still no time for green juicing! I am literally working until late at night every night and so can't bring myself to get out of bed any earlier in the morning to make it!! I need to get into school even earlier tomorrow as well. So not much to report really, am just trying to keep in the habit of blogging!!

Really need to start thinking about Christmas menus though! My dad said we would talk about it and make sure there was something I could eat. And he volunteered this suggesting as well which I was really pleased about. I don't even realise it half the time but I do always expect to have to 'make do' when really it would not be unreasonable for people to try and include me. We are also going to Marracech in January and my Dad has rang them and told them I am a vegetarian and is now worried that he needs to call back and tell them I am in fact a vegan. I said I really didn't envisage any problems, as I am more than happy to just go with it and I always manage to find something, but did voice a concern that when you say 'vegetarian' this is usually taken as a cue to roll out the cheese!! So almost better to say nothing and then you might at least get some unadulterated vegetables.
Anyway I am sure it will be fine!

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  1. I'm really shy and I figure if I'm going out somewhere and somebody has cooked I'm just going to eat what I can and not cause a fuss. I hate causing a fuss!


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