Friday, 14 August 2009

Ups and downs

A whole week and only 2 posts? Not sure what happened there. Anyway, I should be in bed but just had to get some things down - I had a great couple of days of no sugar (plus an early night) and I really noticed a difference - don't know it if it is a coincidence but today running felt great and when I got home after 20 minutes I set off again to go once more round the block! I had dahl for supper and everything was great, but then about 10.30pm I felt starving!! So I was really disappointed. Determined not to have cooked porridge, I settled for raw stodge of buckwheat and raw brazil nut butter, followed by a cup of peppermint tea to try and make my stomach feel content. It has kind of worked. Just hope I can sleep now, as I think late night eating (which tends to be bananas and/or raisins) doesn't help!! This is something I really want to work on as I feel that really will be a new corner turned for me with raw, if I give up sugar binges in the evenings. Plus the raisins I have aren't even raw. I swing between a week of not doing it followed by a week of doing it it frequently. I am trying not to let this niggle overtake the positives, and I really don't want to obsess about it, I just thought today that the difference is so worth resiting the cravings for!! I will write more about the positives soon - I have an update on the 'Russian' salad recipe after experimenting by adding beetroot...

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