Monday, 17 August 2009

This morning's juice

Here is what was in this morning's juice. (Didn't use all the ginger or all the alfalfa pictured!) Actually I ended up leaving the courgette out as I had loads. It was super tasty today but kind of subtle too which was surprising.

One of my tomatoes has started to go red which is exciting! Might start to see a return on my investment soon then!!! I also have a pepper plant now which I can't remember if I've mentioned? Will put a photo on next time.

My order of tahini, nut butters, dulse, nori sprinkle, coconut chips, sunflower seeds arrived this morning!!! I love it when I get stuff delivered. It made me think would've been cool to video unpacking it - maybe I'll look into how to put videos on here. Probably videos of me making food might be more interesting though! I started sprouting some chick peas the other day so now I can make homous with the tahini, haven't had that for ages. Yum. And I can't wait for bananas with rainforest nut butter...... heaven. And my mum gave me another reflexology treatment this morning too, I am such a lucky girl.

I started making a raw scrap book yesterday. It was fun cutting and sticking but I wanted to be in the sun at the same time, but it was a bit windy!! So a little tricky.

Beside raw food, (I do do some other stuff lol) I went to Bognor Rox music festival at the weekend - saw a band called Hakuna Pesa (I think?) who, strangely, I have randomly seen before at an open mic night in Chichester - didn't know who they were then. Not sure how to describe them, probably ska/sca? but with a reggae kind of think going on as well. Really really good.

Also still working on the Russian salad. Tried it without the almond butter but it definitely needs it with.

Last but not least, Life-Force Foods retreat in Wales is coming up very soon, so I am really looking forward to that now. (Can't believe I only have 1 week and half a day left of full-time employment!!) Then I am going to Vienna to visit my best friend from uni!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so excited. So I will be blogging my raw tales from Austria of course : )

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