Wednesday, 12 August 2009

gratitude : )

Those 'nakd' bars are bad news as I can't seem to eat less than 3 at a time!! Banana Bread and Coco Loco flavours are my favourite.

Anyway, I just had a really long chat on the phone with a friend and want to put it on here because I always come away from speaking to him feeling 100% better than before we spoke! I've been feeling bored and impatient and he has made me see what there is to be grateful for. Gratitude is so important, I have been forgetting this recently!!

Regards the boredom, I need something new in my life!! I have the day off tomorrow and want to do something creative which is not necessarily making a new recipe. I had a brain wave to make some changes to my bedroom which always makes things feel a bit different somehow (and I might even go clothes shopping hehe) sounds materialistic but I want to spend some money on some new things!! Me and my dad are also going blackberry picking (need some blue/purple food in my life) and my mum is going to give me another reflexology treatment. I had one on Sunday too. I am so lucky, just got to stop moaning and being impatient!!!!!

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