Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sandwiches for tea

I gave up sandwiches a long time before I had even heard of the raw diet - I went on a wheat-free diet and when I reverted back I always felt so gross and sick in the afternoon after a sandwich for lunch that I couldn't eat them. Now I am loving them again!!! They are so fun to make.
So I set myself up a little raw deli - guacamole, salad and a random lentil dip - made with left over dahl and thickened up a bit with more lentils and added garlic - it was a bit too runny for the sandwich but ok.
Then I had a wrap with my flax tortillas I made by just blending up soaked flax seed with onion, tomato and lemon juice.

I had come home from work feeling really like I just wanted someone to make dinner for me, and the sandwiches seemed like a quick option, which they were, but I still ended up enjoying myself, messing about taking photos, etc.! I couldn't ask for a better hobby, as I've got to eat, and I've always prepared all my meals pretty much from scratch ever since I went to uni, so if food wasn't my hobby I probably wouldn't have time for one!

I've got to get more sleep tonight as I woke up for an hour and a half last night and couldn't get back to sleep. Have realised I seem to be in a pattern of going to bed too late and am generally not feeling my best a lot of the time. I also need to drink more water!! My head feels a bit thick a lot of the time - I keep thinking back to the time when I was at uni and was consciously drinking 2 litres a day and I felt great. Don't know why I am not doing this at the moment - I am blocking myself from doing it somehow and want this to change!

The interesting thing is that I am feeling less and less inclined to eat cooked food; I really feel I have turned a corner with it as I can really notice the difference when I do eat it.

By the way, I bottled out of giving blood tonight. I let my mum talk me out of it - she was worried I might feel faint all of a sudden when driving home so I agreed. I was also worried they might try and force feed me tea and biscuits afterwards as I've heard they tend to do ... somewhere in the back of my mind I do seem to be a bit worried at the moment that I am going to eat something non-vegan ... maybe it's something to do with the Lee and Perins episode ...

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