Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The reason I was up so late last night is because of bad timings with the dehydrator... I imagine it will get easier now I have a few staple things I'd like to start making more regularly. I'm not too fussy and nothing will come out of it that doesn't taste good, but it can be a bit tricky to make things really good, like the bread.

I felt starving this morning even for a while after my breakfasy which wasn't nice but it settled down and I was happily ready to eat at lunch time and at dinner time. I am not sure why sometimes I am hungry in the morning and sometimes not. Probably to do with late night eating...

Anyway, the good news is I now have a variation on The Raw Chef's buckwheat bread, some flax crackers and tomato tortillas. I must write down recipes with quantities as none of these were as good as the last time I made them, in taste or texture. Had a tortilla tonight filled one with a variation on Kate's chilli, with a green salad. Wrapped it into a little triangle a bit like a samosa, and it was great to eat something in a different way, and, of course, very tasty.

I had a lovely surprise from my sister who has given me a recipe book where you fill in the recipes yourself! It is lovely, with dividers, spaces to slot things and pictures of tomatoes on the front! I don't think she knew I have been meaning to put together a recipe book with my recipes in, and this is just the thing!

...I have ideas forming for a 'rice' pudding made using buckwheat instead. Buckwheat is the best thing ever, the possibilities for it seem endless!

I have been tired today so will go to bed in a minute. In fact I have felt tired quite a lot recently because I just can't seem to stop staying up late! Contemplating a 6.15am run tomorrow morning... hmm, not sure, will have to sleep on that decision.

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