Monday, 3 August 2009

No, it's all going wrong!

However I think I can identify some problems - eating when not hungry! Green juice, savoury breakfast, all good. Then I thought I'd better have some 'lunch' before work as I'd had a fairly early breakfast this morning. So I ate when not hungry, then felt that hungry-ish feeling in the afternoon (the feeling I have recently renamed as ILL) and then I had a not very decent supper, some ready salted crisps, then came home from work and started scoffing all sorts of things (including cooked porridge again :( ) about 10.30pm!! Not good. I am putting a stop to this. When I (used to) have what I call my 'unexplained tummy pains' I used to eat porridge, which always felt soothing in a way, but also brought about this ILL feeling which just made me want to eat more and more porridge. I don't know the answer to the pain, but it is not cooked food.

I WILL NOT EAT WHEN NOT HUNGRY. And then if I get hungry and it's not possible to eat, too bad! I will live! Eating when not hungry does not stop the desire for food for any longer than if you didn't eat. It actually makes it worse!!

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