Sunday, 2 August 2009

I love to blog!!!

Another day over and it's been great - had a second green juice in the evening as I have so many greens at the moment - carrot top greens and ginger go really well together! Then made Kate's chilli for supper as I have so much beetroot, carrot and mung beans sprouts at the moment. Got an extra portion for tomorrow, yay.

Am all set to make flax crackers, tortilla wraps and buckwheat bread tomorrow, so I will have loads of food to hand for next week! It's funny how sometimes I feel I have nothing to make a decent meal out of when other times there is so much stuff and it doesn't even feel like an effort to get it all organized! I love it when the latter is the case!!

I have also been really drawn to my angel cards again the last couple of days - the relevance of the cards I've been drawing is astounding. I've had one though which I get quite frequnetly and which always applies: FOCUS - "focus on what you want, not what you don't want." I often find this takes work to do, but once I do it I notice the difference straight away.

And I've said before, blogging helps me focus! I am so glad I am back in the swing. Thank you Google for making it so easy!!

p.s. I have added some more photos and tweaked some of my recent entries so have another look!

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