Sunday, 2 August 2009

Apple crumble: Day 2

The apple crumble was even better on the second day. The topping went a bit softer in the fridge, and I had a little bit of room temperature coconut butter on the side. I think if this was blended with vanilla it could possibly be even better. I also think the top could look a bit more golden and appealing. But all in all I was very proud of myself last night!!

The crumble topping that didn't get bashed up with a wooden spoon was quite like like an oaty biscuit, a bit like HobNobs in fact! I also experimented with a buckwheat and date mixture (which went a bit wrong in the dehydrator after I decided not to bother with the paraflex sheet... never mind, the little broken up bits still tasted nice!) I wanted to start getting into making biscuits/flapjacks, etc. a while ago but never did. Maybe this will happen soon as the ideas are really flowing at the moment, which is exciting! I used to have such a weakness for biscuits.

So now here I am eating my Best Ever Savoury Breakfast (I have now added a photo of it to that post by the way) and blogging. Had fun taking different shots of it this morning, after a run and a green juice. It's nice to take things slow on your day off (in fact it's now lunchtime!) This was my first morning run and I think I'll go earlier next time. I ran along the sea front and it was quite busy at 10.30am, not surprising really as it is a Sunday. My next goal is to get into the habit of going really early before work rather than before supper, then I might start going to bed earlier! I know I can make this happen.

I ate loads of sugary things yesterday, including some Nakd and TREK bars which were on special offer! Today I've got off to a good start with no sugar, so will try and keep it up and eat really well for the rest of the week. I would like to give blood on Thursday, so that can be my incentive - to have my blood as alkaline and as good quality as possible. I have never given blood before, as I have a bit of a phobia about blood, injections, etc. but have got better over the last couple of years. In fact I had no interest in anything sciencey before going raw, but now I find the idea of acid/alkaline blood and cells and things quite interesting!! Anyway, hopefully I'll be ok on Thursday...

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