Wednesday, 5 August 2009

100% raw, another desert creation and a dream about cheese!

I had no cooked food whatsoever yesterday and this morning I felt great just with my green juice then breakfast about 10.30 again. I am truly starting to notice real differences in for when I sneak in cooked food - it really doesn't make me feel good at all. I also had an early night and slept really well last night. Will go to bed early again tonight as I don't start work til 9am tomorrow, so extra time in bed, yay.

Ran out of lemons today so juice tasted quite different, but good, with lots of alfalfa, celery, cucumber, a few beetrop tops and spinach. I had chilli and flax crackers for lunch, then dahl, (for which I used tomatoes as I ran out of lemons!) courgette, celery, and the last of the chilli for supper. So no cooked food again today either, yay!

I am doing really well avoiding acidic food - but - tonight I had the time so I just had to give my raw rice pudding idea a go!! Therefore I ate a banana. (I have put the recipe in a separate post under Recipes.) It turned out even better than I imagined, as I had a brain-wave whilst making it. I decided to use blended buckwheat to thicken it rather than more banana, which would have overpowered the taste and been too sticky. The texture was amazing!

I think next time I will make more so I can use a proper blender, and it will probably taste really good after thickening in the fridge and serving cold as well. I want to experiment by leaving out the banana and still trying to get the right thickness and sweetness, and I'll try vanilla flavouring too. Can't wait to try it again. Better sprout some more buckwheat. I can't seem to get enough of it at the moment! I now serve it with my tomato and coconut curry and with chilli as if it was rice - it just seems to complete the meal. I wonder if you can eat too much of it... It does take loads of rinsing which is not so great for the water usage. Eating all these sprouted beans and donated veg is saving me a fortune, so I am waiting for the next miracle which will mean saving on water too!!

I went for a jog this evening before supper and it was hard work! I think it was because of the heat. But I did it. I really tried hard tonight to use it as a time to 'just be' and let thoughts come to me, and also spent some of the time trying to focus on and visualize some of the things I would like.

I had a dream last night about eating macaroni cheese in a kind of self-service cafe. There was nothing much else to eat and I was feeling slightly under peer pressure - it's all a bit hazy now and I can't remember if I ate it or not. I think I had a mouthful or two and then stopped - like I did in real life at work last week with some white rice from the staff canteen. It had hard uncooked bits in which was gross, which was lucky as it stopped me from eating it. So I went down to the shopfloor and got an avocaco and banana and mashed them together with a fork. Everyone thought I was mad. Until I showed them photos on my phone of apple crumble and raw sandwiches and they were pretty impressed!! And I think it mades them begin to think that maybe I am feeding yourself properly after all.

Back to the dream though - I think I am developing a repulsion for dairy products. Maybe because cow's milk is the non-vegan cooked food I've read the most about. Even the thoughts of eating fish, eggs and even chicken don't seem to have the same effect (although beef and pork do). I was never a fan of cream or milk, (although I had milk on cereal for years), I have always eaten cheese in moderation, and I used to eat loads of yoghurts as a child. As I was tidying up the yoghurt aisle at work today, the thought of eating one made me feel very strange. I always wanted to like Muller Rice but never did - now I have my own recipe - have just thought now, I can add other fruit flavours too! Woop!

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