Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Wedding

What can I say, the wedding was perfect in every way! My sister looked beautiful and I am so so happy for her and the groom!!

On the food front, I had brought with me a lovely red cool bag full of my goodies which I snacked on frequently over the three days. As I said, I took the buckwheat bread. Just mashed up avocado and a piece of tomato on one piece folded in half was sooooooo good.

In the hotel the night before the big day, I was going to have artichoke ravioli and was assured it did not contain cheese, but seconds before it was put down in front of me, the restaurant supervisor told me it did contain cheese. She apologised profusely, and made me a salad, which, I reassured her, was perfectly fine by me! It was pretty good with peas and broad beans in it - something I've not eaten since going raw.

Lunch at the wedding was a cooked vegan option of a little stack of roasted veg, tomato sauce and pine nuts, more veg and ... boiled potatoes. It was very enjoyable. I also had a glass of ... white wine ... followed by a glass of ... champagne. Two white wine spritzers later and it was on to the evening buffet. There were loads of vegetable sticks - what more could I have asked for - but no, the spicy potato wedges were too tempting. So were the ... vegetable spring rolls and various dipping sauces for them ... not knowing what was in them, what was I thinking?? By this time I looked, and felt, like I had a basketball in my stomach and found myself in quite a bad mood!

However, I would like to say that I did enjoy being a bit merry and the potatoes were great. A little more thought on speed of consumption and food combination and I would have been fine. And I felt ok the next day too. So there you have it. All in all a fantastic weekend!!

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