Thursday, 30 July 2009

Time to re-focus again

I had a tomato juice last week and one at the wedding, with Lee and Perins. It turns out this contains anchovies. Oh dear. And since those potatoes I have been craving more. Jacket potato at work, some of my family's roashed smashed potatoes the other night. Jogging yesterday evening, I felt like I had put on about half a stone. Ate chips from the chip shop last night at 2.30am. And I was sober. Came home with them and discovered (before I ate it this time) that the brand of tomato ketchup in the fridge contains lactose. WHY??!

Today I couldn't be bothered to make green juice, ate loads of raisins, and am developing a tendency to just nibbling on random raw stuff in the fridge, and then thinking I am feeling hungry, and wanting to eat more. Really, I am feeling ILL, not hungry, and am just craving sugar. Looking back, I used to feel exactly the same with cooked food when I did not eat proper meals, but also between cooked meals as well. It is also boredom. Or tiredness.

And it is also discontentedness. I have been feeling a bit unhappy this week. Why do we always eat the food we know we would rather not eat when we are feeling unhappy? Because then you feel worse, and eat more. I am putting a stop to it now. Food has the power to change your mood, and your mood has the power to change your food. I have loads of great recipes ideas which I am spending the day trying out. Will keep you posted.

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