Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Best Savoury Breakfast Ever

This recipe is inspired by the The pH Miracle, as an attempt to not always have a sweet breakfast. At the moment I think it is the best thing ever!! Really filling without weighing you down.

sprouted buckwheat
rolled oats, soaked for twenty minutes, drained and rinsed
sunflower seeds, sprouted or at least soaked overnight
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 desert spoon of hemp oil
1/2 an avocado

Mix seeds and oats in a bowl so you have what looks like a good amount to you. Don't forget the avocado will bulk it up quite a bit. Oats and avocado are the most filling things so to make it lighter have the least of these. Cut avocado in half and spoon out the flesh of one half straight into the bowl. Roughly chop and mix in with the spoon. Pour over the hemp oil and mix well.

You could add chopped fresh tomato to add something juicy and fruity. Raw coconut chips are also really nice in this.

I usually have a large portion of this about 10.30am after having had a green juice first thing. I usually take it to work with me in a container and everyone always says it looks really nice. That's coz it is!!

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