Thursday, 9 July 2009

Raw vegan family meal!

I made my parents a Russell James (The Raw Chef) dish tonight. A few things I didn't get quite right, even though I have been to the class and seen the dehydrated broccoli done by the professional himself! Was straightforward to make though which was great. It was really good and the parents said it was delicious. My dad said he thought something like this would make a good side dish with - steak and chips was the example he gave! Great. No to be fair to him he didn't miss the point of it by any means, and it was intersting to hear both of their thoughts as cooked fooders on how they felt about eating a whole meal that was raw.

I also made some raw chocolate for the first time in ages and we had that for desert. I made a bar for the friends who bring us veg, as apparently they are into good quality dark chocolate. I made up the recipe for this one, and included lots of cacao powder and not too many sweetners. I hope they like it.

Others news - went jogging last night and jogged about a mile without stopping! For the second time I've ever attempted to jog I was amazed! The first time was about a year ago - I got to the end of the road and thought I was going to die. It must be the raw food that's made the difference hehe. Will go again tomorrow I think.

Have had green juice every morning this week and am noticing the difference!! Today's had mung bean sprouts and beetroot in it. Thought the froth looked cool so I took a picture before I sieved it out. Am starting work early tomorrow so better go to bed if I want to get up in time to juice tomorrow!

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