Friday, 10 July 2009

Tomato and coconut curry (2)

Everything was good today. Things at work went well; the day flew by as I was so busy. Visited my Grannie after work and she was so pleased to see me. I really must take her some good food. Will certainly take her some raw chocolate at the weekend. Got home from hers and went jogging again. Ran about the same as last time. It was great listening to my ipod at the same time. I did feel tired when I got home though, but in a calm way which was good. Then I made a new recipe, a variation on my tomato and coconut curry. And I still had time to write on my blog (actually I haven't washed up yet - oh well - this isn't going to spoil the perfection of my day!)

Here is the recipe: it is sweet and creamy and very filling. Try it and see what you think.

For the sauce, blend:
1 avocado
1 desert spoon coconut butter
2 tomatoes
1/4 onion
1 clove garlic

Food process:
handful for spinach
1 deseeded tomato

Mix the two together in a bowl.

Then add:
1 tomato chopped into small pieces
Small handful of spinach roughly chopped
Small handful of mange tout, cut in half

The slight bitterness of the greens really balance the sweetness of the combined tomato and coconut oil.

I think next time I'll use less avocado, a bit more onion and experiment with spices.

Things that have made me feel good today:
- listening to music whilst driving to work
- making my Grannie happy by visiting her
- succeeding at jogging
- creating a new dish (and eating the new dish)
- eating raw chocolate afterwards

I have a really nice notebook I was given as a present once and I have been saving it for something. I recently decided to use it as a book to write down good things - what I like about myself, as recommended by Brian Clement, but also what I have to be grateful for, things I have appreciated and enjoyed that day, and so on. It takes a while to get into but once you get going you end up finding more and more good things you want to write down. I really think with practice it is possible to think this way all the time.

One thing I am appreciating more than anything at the moment is Michael Jackson, music and dancing. Dangerous was the first CD album I ever owned. I am only now fully appreciating how completely gorgeous he was, I was obviously too young to realise this at the time! Listening to my favourite music whilst making raw food is the ultimate feel-good combination for me.

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