Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another awesome weekend, and a terrific Tuesday!

Weekend - sister's hen do Saturday, where one of the ladies suggested I read 'The pH Miracle' by Dr Robert O. Young and Shelly Redford Young. So I tracked it down on Sunday, bought it and spent the afternoon in Inspiral Lounge reading it - it seems to be pretty good. More confirmation that juicing is the next thing for me to do. Then met up with friends briefly in the evening - didn't make it to Saf or Bonningtons as they weren't open but I will experience this one day! I was however priviledged to witness the start of a very exciting raw venture, then chatted to the very uplifting Joe whilst eating olives and drinking ginger and lemon tea until it was time to get the train home!

Monday came and went, and today I had a very successful day food wise. A raw juice for breakfast with alfalfa sprouts, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon juice. Unless when I get to the small print ginger and lemon turn out to be not good on the pH Miracle programme, ginger and lemon might turn out to be my new secret weapons for making juices always taste great. Anyway, surprisingly this kept me happy until lunch time! Then I had a salad with more spinach and avocado, and for supper made one of Kate Magic's recipes. I can't think of single little non-raw thing I ate today. I am not fanatical about eating 'not strictly raw' food, but this makes me very happy. I am amazed that the juice sustained me. When I get wheatgrass in it it will be even better. Plus no sugar!! (Apart from a few carrots, but I think I can forgive myself.) This is starting to sound like confessions of a raw fooder now so I'll stop!

Food of the day is raw mange tout straight from my parents' friends' garden. Perfect.

I must order some sunflower seeds and mung beans, and look into growing wheatgrass if I have time. More tomorrow. Am going to include tomato and parsley in the juice tomorrow - can't wait.

p.s. here is a photo of more veg that my parents' friends again kindly gave to us!

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