Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Guilt-free diet

Well, I don't feel I have much to report today. I had some raw food followed by a bit of my mum's cooked dahl and rice for supper. Then some fruit. It is weird because I kind of think that cooked food is naughty on this diet, but really I know by most standards, having a little bit isn't at all. So you get to have a treat which isn't really naughty. A bit like the maltesers advert haha. And this recipe is vegan, so I am happy with that. I have definitely got to a level I'm comfortable with at the moment, and I do still envisage a time when I will not even desire cooked food at all. My cravings for cooked porridge are already starting to weaken, it often strikes me as not being fresh and vibrant. At the moment though I am happy to call myself 90 to what shall we say, about 97% raw!!

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