Saturday, 30 January 2010

Will I ever get bored of salads?

I have salad everyday. I can't remember the last time day I didn't have one, apart from when I was on my 3 day juice fast.

Last night, my housemate asked me: 'Don't you ever get bored of salad?' This is when I really realised that the answer is 'Well... no.'

Especially when they look like this

I don't often put thin slices of red onion and red pepper in it. It looks so pretty. If it had sweetcorn in it it would have all the colours of the rainbow. Wow, I love taking time to appreciate my food!! I realised I have not being doing this enough recently. That is why I love raw food - it is not just about the physical health, but the well-being that comes from so much appreciation and gratitude of having found this amazing way of eating!!!!! It just fills me up with happiness!!!!!

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