Friday, 29 January 2010

Salad dressing experimentation ...

I am in experimentation with an a new salad dressing using sesame seeds ground up in a coffee grinder (which I bought specially for this kind of thing by the way!) Whole unsoaked sesame seeds ground up and mixed with oil seem to make a pretty good resemblance to tahini ... mix with lemon juice, garlic and spirulina to make a dip, water down for a thick creamy dressing!! Am going to experiment more with this over the weekend.

I really enjoyed my reflexology with my mum last night. She handed me a couple of nutrition and well-being books for women and we discussed some of the things it said. Was really interesting and nice to spend time with my mum and talk about something we are both interested in.

My run didn't happen as it started to rain just when I wanted to go... it stopped but then I was motivated to actually do some reading! My concentration and motivation seems to be improving ... I managed 2 and a half hours solid work! I also went out and got myself a printer to make life easier for myself, which I see as a sign of motivation!

What else has happened.... well, I am trying to lose weight but can't seem to stop eating!! I am thinking maybe it's just because it's winter and my body is naturally fattening up! Here's hoping I'll lose the weight in the spring!

I also made a batch of buckwheat bread - spread with brown rice miso it is just like marmite on toast - awesome : ) The concern about hypothyroidism also flagged up selenium - brazil nuts being a good source. I have a bag of shell-on ones from Christmas which I haven't eaten. Am now enjoying them very much : ) Probably not helping with the weight loss though haha

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