Saturday, 3 October 2009

I don't need to say it's been way too long since my last entry! I feel like I have started a completely new life which has taken up all my time, but I am still raw!! A lot has changed in my life and it is all for the better. They say that raw makes you realise your needs, what you can't tolerate, etc. and I have definitely experienced this. Whether it is entirely down to eating raw, who can say, but it has happened and I am so thankful.

Unfortunately with being so busy with uni and slowly settling into my new home I have not been feeding myself as well as I was, green juice and jogging have both gone out the window, and cooked porridge and raisins have been a daily feature of my diet, due to feeling still hungry after not having made myself a decent dinner. Looking back at photos from The Gower and Vienna, I look very skinny as well which I don't like. I can't see it in the mirror, only in photos, which is strange.

So that is an update of where I am at. Here is a photo of a decent curry dinner I made myself tonight to mark the beginning of eating more calories!

It is a red pepper, courgette, mushroom, red onion and lentil curry.

Here are a few other photos I have taken and not got round to loading on...!

I was in awe of sunflower seeds which go green and purple when sprouted - the best colours in the world. Second is the first lentil pate I made with my new hand blender ... oh yeh the hand blender - I got a bargain one and it is fantastic!

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