Monday, 7 September 2009

Raw Vegan in Vienna - Days 4 and 5 and reflection on the trip

Well, I am back home now and this is my first chance to blog - basically it was much more of the same on day 4 and for the day of the journey home: green salad, parsley, avocado, sprouts, sweetcorn on the cob and bananas! Living off sprouts, veg and avocados is pretty cheap and speedy as well, both of which I am going to need now I am a full-time student again!!

It is amazing just how many bakery places there are in Vienna! Like our Greggs in Britain, but many more companies. You can't get very far without running into one, especially on the underground. It is the same in Frankfurt from what I remember when I was there a few years ago. I don't understand how people can live off bread as a staple part of their diet! Not to mention all the ham and cheese.

I was organized going out there but it did not occur to me until I was at the airport that I didn't have much in the fridge for when I got home last night! But there was enough to rustle up a coleslaw ... yum. (However no greens so still no juice this morning!! Tomorrow I will definitely have one!!) I was hardly tired when I got home either even after getting to bed at 2am on Sunday morning. I have noted consistent energy before and the more I stick with raw the better this gets - it is amazing. Again, now my uni course has started I am going to need the ability to have an hour or so less sleep when necessary!

My dad asked me today whether I was weighing myself because I look "very thin' apparently! I don't see this as a problem: my energy levels are fantastic and I am no more hungry than I used to get between meals, in fact less so. Also, I thought today before lunch that I can't remember the last time I had that very embarrassing growling stomach I always used to get before lunch, even after a mid-morning snack. I can't remember if I used to feel this hunger last time I got this thin living off cooked veg, white rice and chicken. Probably. Anyway, I would like to put some weight on, but remain feeling as light and energetic as I do now. Clothes are a bit of a problem at the moment as many are too big now but I don't want to buy loads of stuff I am going to put weight on. I also think that the weight of raw vegans can't really be compared to that of cooked foodies; the BMI thing just doesn't apply as this is based on a conventional diet. I don't believe in BMI even for cooked foodies actually, especially for women, because of their boobs! If you are tall and thin with small boobs it will say you are underweight, and if you are short and thin with big boobs it will probably say you are overweight!! I think counting calories is also flawed but I won't go into that now!

All in all I am very happy to be back in my kitchen after best part of a fortnight away - makes me realise how lucky I am to have it!

Right I gotta go and flip my bread in the dehydrator and go to bed!

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