Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Keeping It Simple

well, not much to report at the moment... I am back at uni now and haven't had much time for experimenting in the kitchen : (

It came out at lunch time in conversation with my new uni friends today that I was a raw vegan. They were all interested and said they bet I had loads of energy! This is true of course, only I still keep going to bed too late so have been a bit tired this week. Induction week at uni is surprisingly tiring as well: even though we don't seem to be doing much yet, it is all the new information to take in and getting used to the campus, etc. It will be easier next week when we are settled and ready for the work to really start.

I am going to increase my focus on two things:

One: start increasing the focus of my own diet to how to keep it quick and simple (while remaining tasty and nutritious of course!)

Two: to try and get more of these yummy raw simplicities slipped into my family's diet and see what happens... the first thing I will do is start putting out some raw nibbles for them before dinner (they are quite partial to crisps, dip, nuts etc.) starting with sprouted sunflower seeds and perhaps some raw humous if I want to spoil them. It is time to stop thinking about myself so much and start thinking of others!! They do genuinely enjoy some of it in snack form so hopefully I can get some loved-up raw goodness inside them!

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