Thursday, 3 September 2009

Raw Vegan in Vienna - Day Two

Had a great day today - it is so hot here! We took our bikinis and beach towels to a beautiful town called Podersdorf a few hours away where there is a lake, which is a bit like a beach. Just in one afternoon it was like the summer holiday I never had this year!

This morning we went to get some vegetables - I got a huge bunch of parsley, 3 huge lettuces for 2 euros and some tomatoes from a market stand in town and a few other bits from a supermarket. I am so glad I found the parsley, it is great. So I had a huge salad for brunch using one of the avocados I brought with me, followed by a bit of buckwheat and sunflower seeds. I took more of this with some hemp seeds and a banana to the beach and a few carrot sticks. I was a bit hungry at times but it passed and by the time we got home I was ready to eat another huge green salad with my mung beans, (which sprouted today) but wasn't starving at all.

I also had something I haven't had before for dinner: courgette, very finey grated with a cheese grater, with an avocado and tomato sauce hand blended together - inspired by the "spagetti bolognaise" we had on the retreat. I might have some oats, buckwheat and more banana later. Also got some herbal tea which makes you feel fuller.

I have been craving green veg juice for the last couple of days as I haven't been able to have any since last Wednesday I think! With the salads I have effectively been having the green juice I normally have but with all the fibre! It is not the same though.

Tips so far for raw vegan travellers:

- bring some ripe avocadoes with you as if you are able to buy any they are unlikely to be ripe yet. I have bought two huge ones, one of which will hopefully be ripe tomorrow.

- bring dried beans and seeds with you. If you can get hold of avocadoes then this with sprouts makes a complete protein, so I have been told.

So another problem free day for food in a city. It is good for me to eat really simply as well after a weekend of quite a lot of treats like cake with loads of dried fruits and nuts, and dehydrated food.

I just hope I don't run out of beans/seeds... I am thinking of getting some porridge oats to be able to cook as a back up but resisted buying them this morning - maybe tomorrow I will but will see what mood I am in! I want to see if I can get through the whole holiday with no cooked food!

Right now I think I will eat those oat groats and have a cup of tea. Am craving a bowl of something warm and stodgy (like cooked porridge!) which is a bit annoying. I will kick this craving eventually!! Will write more tomorrow.

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