Saturday, 5 September 2009

Raw Vegan in Vienna - Day Three

Yesterday I saw some more of the City's sights that I didn't see on my last visit, including going up the Danube Tower. Also watched My Sister's Keeper in German at the cinema (with a little help from my friend to fill me in when I didn't understand!)The weather wasn't so good yesterday but looks much better today for my final day.

On the food front ... salad for breakfast, followed by usual breakfast with banana, salad for lunch with avocado, and I picked up some garlic and lemons whilst out and had carrot sticks with a lentil humous/pate, using a few tsps of avocado instead of oil - again another benefit of being out here is that I have no oil and fats in their natural form are arguably better than concentrated in the oil.

My friend has also introduced me to raw sweetcorn! I didn't know you could eat it straight from the cob and it came off really easily - I was expecting it to be really hard like dried sweetcorn for some reason! So I enjoyed some of that last night.

I have been eating much more fruit out here, including grapes, watermelon and I had 2 bananas yesterday and a few blueberries. I am feeling OK on this though. In the supermarket yesterday I didn't buy any cooked porridge oats either, yay. So only cooked thing I have had is a few raisins my friend has lying around - damn, I just can't resist those when I get a craving for them.

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