Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wales on Thursday!!

Chris has asked me to do a green juice demo at the retreat this weekend! I am a bit nervous but I can do it. Can't believe I am going tomorrow!!

Yesterday was my last day in full time work at the supermarket and when I left I felt a bit emotional, not because I was sad to leave but because of the uncertainty of what will happen after my 2 week holiday when I come back part time whilst I am doing my teaching course. It just hasn't all sunk in ... I am not feeling excited about going back to uni at the moment. It is like an emotional blockage. I want to move to Brighton and find work work in raw food and invite opportunities to me, but can't bring myself to do it as I can't seem to make a decision not to do teaching. One of my best friend last night said I am lacking direction and I think he is right in part - I do have some direction but am lacking in focus. I feel like I need to focus on teaching or raw food, and if I choose teaching, raw food will lose my attention. I know I will continue to eat this way - it is so normal for me now it's not even a question - I am just worried I won't experiment or blog so much. I think I need to make a decision to do teaching and make time for raw experiments. A good friend has said he will help me keep focussed. And I have started to get the feeling things will become clearer on the retreat...

Anyway, I am going to Brighton again today (funnily enough) to meet a friend and while I am there I think I should get some more raw chocolate ... !! Everything truly did feel right in the world when I ate it!!

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