Sunday, 23 August 2009


I had such a great day in Brighton yesterday! Decided to go shopping there for some general Brighton feel-good factor, then found out Kate Magic was doing a talk on Cacao so signed up for that. My friend also came to event and we went to Manna after - my first trip there and it was great. The food was wonderful. I had some 'Be the Change' chocolate on the way home and felt so happy.

So I got well dosed up on cacao yesterday and felt the effects well into today - I just lay in the sun all afternoon and listened to some of my favourite music and felt completely happy about everything and it felt really good. I also had an urge to get some felt tips out and write some of my favourite things in fancy colourful writing which was very therapeutic! Like being back at school doing my art homework.

Had a huge green juice this morning with perhaps a bit too much kale and it was really really dark green!!

I made one of my fairly new salads tonight - all the salad dressing is half an avocado, one tsp of almond butter and 2 tbsp lemon juice, blended up with the hand blender. Use round lettuce and use the leaves when they are washed and drained but not bone dry and mix the dressing in well. It is a really creamy dressing and very filling. I also made some more homous - I really can't get enough of homous and carrot sticks at the moment!!!

I really want to move to Brighton and get into the raw food movement!!!!!!

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