Friday, 3 July 2009


Once again I have so much to report after a whole week without blogging!

It's been a really emotional week actually and I am glad I am out the other side; it's been quite draining. Looking back on the last year of my life since I finished uni, I've been so far from where I want to be, but it is all becoming clearer now as to where I want to be mentally and circumstantially. The clarity has been incredible actually. It has also brought with it an incredible amount of gratitude and appreciation for all the special people in my life who always support me - you know who you are - thank you.

This gratitude was only the beginning, as looking back on this week so many positives have happened.

This week's diet summary is a good one: following Sunday's green juice I made another one on Monday morning with beetroot leaves, including the purple stalks. The colour and taste was awful and I couldn't drink it all. Better luck next time. On the plus side I have had a sugar-free week, broken only be Kate Magic's Cheeky Chilli tonight with beetroot and carrot, and then 2 bananas and few blueberries after! I have increased my fat intake this week, not so much avocados but nuts, nut butters and oils, which only makes me crave more of this. Haven't felt bad on this by any means, in fact my energy has been good considering I haven't had an early night all week. Have also enjoyed lots of sunflower seeds which are filling and more healthy than nuts. I am happy to eat lots of green living food as well as the tasty things, it doesn't have to be one or the other by any means! I think I lost my creative focus a bit this week, which is the side that really makes me buzz. After spending the evening with the blender and my music in the kitchen tonight, I really enjoyed making and eating the chilli and felt connected again.

I have got in touch with raw food chef Chris Jenkins to volunteer to help at his raw food and yoga retreat in the Gower peninsula in August. I am so glad I did as he is happy to give me some experience and has been very encouraging! Go to

for more information.

More veg has come into my life!! My next door neighbour has given me her two courgette plants! Again my asking for an abundance of good food has been answered!

I also had an email from a friend I made on Russell's raw chef class which cheered me up no end too.

So it's all good!!!!!!!

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