Sunday, 21 June 2009

What a weekend

Lots has happened since my last entry! On Friday I went to the farmers' market in Chichester where I got my amazing raw oats from a farm in Haslemere in Surrey. I have them every morning. I also got some organic strawberries and rainbow chard from a local farm. I don't think I've ever had chard before and it was so pretty. Also got a chard plant and a tomato plant although I know absolutely nothing about growing your own vegetables - I just decided to bite the bullet and hope for the best!!

Then my boyfriend arrived with some raw cake, made from one of Kate Magic's recipes. It was amazing.
(I know, I am still working on my photography skills!)
On Saturday and Sunday it was Russell James' 2 day raw food class which was fantastic. Learned loads of new things, ate some awesome food - the highlights were lime and passionfruit cheesecake with ice cream, and a raw sandwich!! - and met some really great people. All very inspirational which was just what I needed!! It is like therapy being around so many like minded people. So after the large quantities of cooked food I consumed on Wednesday I have managed to go 100% raw Friday through til tonight (Sunday), which has felt great. It was interesting that at the course a lot of people experienced detox symptoms - I had a headache which we thought was from drinking the alkaline water from Russell's water ionizer. I think this was no bad thing and I drank more than I normally do which was good.
I am definitely ready to start trying some more challenging recipes. I came away feeling happy and inspired but also frustrated and impatient as I just want to get stuck into the raw food world straight away and just walk away from all the undesirable aspects of my current circumstances behind right now!! When I have periods like this I have to be patient and keep telling myself it will all happen in time!! I don't like it when I lose my focus and it seems silly as I know I'll regain it when I try out the new recipes, if not before!

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