Friday, 26 June 2009

Blueberry 'Yoghurt'

I made this up the other day. It is similar in taste and mouth-feel to one of those expensive luxury yoghurt-type deserts - similar because with no dairy and no added sugar it is way better!!! I used to eat loads of yoghurts when I was growing up, but ate fewer as I got older, and was only eating plain joghurt very occasionally by the time I went vegan. This pudding makes you wonder why on earth you would ever need to buy the sugary-dairy version ever again. All it is (to serve 1) is

1/2 avocado
1/2 banana
handful of frozen blueberries, depending how sweet you want it.

(This version in the photo also contains cacao nibs which can be added for texture. I actually prefer it without though)

Just put in a suitable container and blend with a hand blender (tip - use a hand blender for this kind of thing wherever possible - it is far easier than getting the blender out)

You can make it really smooth or leave it so there are still little bits of blueberry left. If you add just thawing blueberries to room temperature avocado and banana, the temperature is perfectly cool and you can really taste all the flavours. Or refrigerate and serve chilled. I like to leave it not perfectly mixed so you can see tiny swirls of green still in it. Green and purple are the perfect colour combination in my opinion. There is so much to say about this simple combination, so many variants without even changing the ingredients. I remember my first ever exposure to raw food at one of Kate Magic's demonstrations last summer - she said with raw food, making even little changes to texture could change the whole eating experience and you could never get bored with it. It is so true. The possibilities are endless, and it makes me so happy it is almost ridiculous!!!!!!! I'm sure many passionate raw fooders out there would agree with me! Look how carried away I've got.

This desert has also been tried and tested on my parents, who loved it. I have just made them some and put it in the fridge for their desert this evening. They have also volunteered to do tasting panels for me whenever I like!

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  1. HI Amy,
    admire your decision to go RAW with such gusto and like your creative streak,
    experimenting in the RAW kitchen is a must in my book.
    Im making a yoghurt recipe to :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Raw love from Amy x x