Thursday, 4 June 2009


So it's been ages since my last blog, sorry.

I went to the Bristol Vegan Fayre last weekend which was awesome. Beautiful weather, beautiful people... a few inspiring people stand out in my mind including a stock-free organic farmer - made me realise that animals really are implicated in so much stuff!! How tragic. A future project is to start growing my own vegetables. All in good time.

An Indian lady talking about re-connecting with our food and with the earth was also special and thought-provoking. For me this is also what raw food is all about - she claimed that when you go vegan your mental health improved as you feel more connected with the natural world, people and animals. Eating animal products hinders this connection as in order to eat this, we have to put blinkers on to the cruelty that animals suffer, otherwise we wouldn't be able to eat it (she believes all people really hate suffering)

This has only really gelled with me in the last couple of days, when it occurred to me that I had lost that connection to my food when I was away for the weekend! Although I only ate a vegan diet when I was away, it was not the raw food I so lovingly prepare for myself, that keeps me focussed and connected. I was actually in quite a bad mood when I got back from Bristol. This was of course partly because the weekend was over, and I didn't want to go back to work on Monday afternoon. But when I got in my kitchen on Monday morning to prepare my food for the day, in my sunny space with my music on, I felt happy. I thought perhaps I spend too much time preparing my food, but usually I think it is worth it, especially when I can take photos and blog it and really think about and appreciate how amazing it is.

Raw food is taking that vegan connection philosophy to the next level. My vegan orange chocolote spread, which I bought from some lovely people at a lovely stand at the lovely Vegan Fayre is lovely to eat straight from the jar, but I don't feel amazing after I've eaten it. And I want my food to make me feel amazing.

I feel raw vegan is my life now, almost an affirmation. I want to say 'I am a raw vegan' out loud, even shout it from the rooftops.

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