Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cooked food

Yesterday I went out for lunch. There was nothing even vegetarian on the menu (unless you count fish) apart from a jacket potato with cheese. So I asked for a jacket with a plate of steamed veg. Why I didn't ask for salad I don't know, as they also served this with most mains. Jacket potatoes are one of favourite cooked foods but this was the worst jacket potato I've ever had unfortunately. Still it was fine and I felt fine afterwards, but I was really tired in the afternoon. Unfortunately I can't say whether this was in any way down to the food, as I'd had a late night the night before, it was cloudy and close and I had a long car journey back which made me feel tired too.

I also had cooked vegan curry dishes for supper as my mum made it for one of my parents' 'meat free days' and as my friend was coming round for dinner, so we could all eat together. I ate a big plate of salad beforehand and then had the cooked. I felt full but fine. This is most definitely one of my favourite cooked vegan meals. We went out with her and I had 2 malibu and lemonades ... not sure why ... I enjoyed it but still got the feeling when I got home of, what was the point, an regret all the sugar!!! But never mind. Came home and ate more raw carrot salad ... but also tomato rice, dahl and cooked porridge! It was good.

She's been really supportive of my new eating habits and wants to try things I eat, so I'm more than happy to share!! I am really happy for her support as we've been friends for ever and I know she is always honest with me! She's like 'we'll have to go for lunch in a vegan cafe Amy!!' Makes me realise how important it is to have the support of family and friends and how much better it feels!

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