Monday, 25 May 2009

Everything's changing for the better

Everything is working out perfectly. I got a phone call on Thursday saying that a place has become available for me to start teacher training at Chichester in September (I was on the reserve list) So I'm going to take the place and can't wait to start studying again. I feel really good about it because I will be able to work from home in my own space, walk to uni every day (and be green!) and hopefully get some transferrable skills relevant to raw food as well.

Things in the outside kitchen are fantastic, it's like the space was created for me although all I've had to do is get a tea towel, washing up liquid, cutlery etc. and all my food of course! I am happy being out there listening to my ipod and my parents are also happy to see me out there and often say 'that looks nice', etc. We are definitely all getting on better for it and the whole atmosphere in the house is much calmer. I made carrot salad last night for a barbeque, which felt like old times. Last summer was our first summer in this house and I don't recall any family barbecues at all, although we used to have loads of great barbecues in the old house. My mum asked me to make the carrot salad and my Dad, who had never tried it before, really liked it. (I will convert them both eventually!) No seriously just getting him to feel more positive about my diet/lifestyle is a big step. I've read that's often the hardest thing, trying to be raw in a cooked family, but now I feel my perseverance and belief that things would get easier are paying off.

Part of this belief was that things would get easier and therefore take less time. This is also happening and I seem to always have an abundance of food with less effort. I am better at making greater quantities to last for the next day, etc. am discovering delicious but straight forward recipes which and have some well-practiced favourites.

Am going to the Bristol Vegan Fayre this weekend with my boyfriend Andrew, and we are going to visit Cardiff (my University city) in the same trip. Can't wait for that. Again, how perfect that I am not down to work this Saturday. But I shouldn't be surprised because everything is perfect!

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