Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The beauty of raw food

This blog turned out being all about aesthetics and how food makes me feel...

Last night I made Kate Magic's pasta sauce to go with my veg and rice pasta. I am loving my new outside kitchen space and am in the process of setting it up how I want... will post some photos of it on here soon.

My mum had also made salad and I added some things and before I knew it I had a recipe:

lambs lettuce
white cabbage (roughly chopped)
corriander (roughly chopped)

serve with apple cider vinegar to taste and a sprinkle of purple corn

It looked beautiful with white amongst the green. I sprinkled purple corn on it and all the colours together felt so calming to look at. I am using a lot of purple corn at the moment probably because I am drawn to the colour and these calming properties (and it tastes nice!)

I think hemp seed would also look really pretty and I find it really calming too. Funny how things just seem to go together.
For desert I decided to experiment with the blender to make a raw chocolate pudding. It turned out pretty good, but I think it would be better substituting some of the banana for avocado to make it more fresh and less sticky. Here is the recipe:

2 bananas
2 tsps of coconut butter
1 1/2 tsps of carob powder
2 1/2 tsps of cacao powder
1 tbsp of agave nectar

goji berries
cacao nibs
purple corn
anything else that looks pretty! I think desicated coconut would look really nice.

Of course, I kept tasting it as I went along so the quantities might not be exact or the end product!

As you can tell I am loving taking photos of my food at the moment!

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