Monday, 16 August 2010

Anti-candida diet

I have been on an anti-candida diet for some time (the one with no sugar including fruit!) now and without much success ... I recently started to seriously consider the argument that it is an excess of fat in your diet, rather than an excess of sugar, that is the problem. The ideas came mostly from Doug Graham and his 'The 80/10/10 Diet' - he has loads of videos on YouTube about it. I cut down my fat significantly and noticed a real difference. I have not yet tried re-introducing fruit but when I reintroduced fats I'd previously cut out (sunflower seeds, flaxseed and avocado) the symptoms came back! I particularly felt that unsoaked sunflower seeds were the worst culprit. (Got into a habit of eating them this way during a time of disorganization and eating the fastest and easiest things to hand, and I di struggle with willpower on that one!! I need to find a good ethical reason not to eat them and it would be a lot easier!)

I have to say I have thrived on a high carb low fat, high in wholefoods diet before, although it included animal products. I have reintroduced a lot of rice and eat a lot of cooked quinoa (raw sprouted quinoa is horribe in my opinion, although you can probably disguise it in things!)

My aim now is to eat more sprouted legumes which are delicious and very filling. I have a new amazing sprouted lentil soup recipe which I adore. (See post 'Lentil Soup' under recipes, August 2010) Another favourite is mung bean and pea salad which I love to have for breakfast (see Mung Bean, Pea and Chive Salad)

All these recipes are extremely basic - the way my taste buds have gone since going raw. But I think things like chives, parsley, apple cider vinegar are all the condiments I need : )

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