Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Food, communication and relationships.

During reading week back in March I think it was, I did have a bit of break from work and spent quite a lot of time watching David Wolfe videos on youtube! There are so many of them you could actually watch all day. I remember being more than happy doing some therapeutic cleaning of my kitchen and just listening to him talk! (Actually David Wolfe is coming to London in October and I've bought a ticket to his lecture!! I just couldn't not. I am extremely excited!) There was one video in particular I found really interesting which I just found again on youtube.

3 Keys to Good Health:

These things are food, communication and relationships. It makes perfect sense to me. I have done a joint literature / language and communication degree and find human communication fascinating. I've said for ages now, I don't know the meaning of life, but I know that life would be meaningless without other people, because without being able to relate to them through communication we would have no idea how to make sense of our own existence. I am not attempting to sound as knowledgeable of David Wolfe of course!! But the amazing thing about so much of all this wisdom is that it is like stuff all humans know anyway, like innate knowledge we are born with. It just seems hectic materialistic societies create the perfect conditions for forgetting it all.

I also went to the Farmers' market and bought a bag of mixed leaves which I thought looked really pretty.

And I added some sliced pepper which looked a bit like hearts : )

I have more loads more to tell and will blog more tomorrow!

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