Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Procrastination --> Green juice feast!!!

I have had the last 4 weeks 'off' uni (always reluctant to use the word off as student holidays always involve studying for at least some of it) and I feel like have wasted so much time! I have been working on a presentation, and have spent loads of time with friends and family which has been really important to me. For the rest of it, I have done so much faffing!! Have had a general feeling of boredom and lack of energy. I have been meaning to book myself a colonic irrigation for ages and have just been putting it off. Not even because I am reluctant to have one! I really want to go for it. I know what the problem is: porridge. Worse than that - porridge at 11pm.

Last night I had a bowl of it before bed. I have noticed that when I do this I actually wake up feeling hung over. Eating porridge after dinner is something I was doing every day from November to Christmas. (Over Christmas I didn't but only because I was filled up with nuts and dried fruit in the evenings instead.) Now it is happening again. It has got to stop.

Last night I also lay awake for a while thinking about the 3 day juice feast I have been meaning to go do for ages. This morning I googled it. I found Angela Stokes almost instantly and downloaded her report from

What did it say? "The two most damaging food groups are the refined sugars and the processed starches. THAT IS THE SECRET!" It also says it is only when we remove these foods COMPLETELY that was can reach ultimate health. I read in an anti-candida diet cookbook that if there is a food you are addicted to, it is probably the one that is causing you damage.

My packet of porridge oats is goiing straight in the bin and I am starting a 3-day juice feast. Right now! (Wednesday morning) It works out perfectly as I am just going to be at home for the next 3 days reading for uni, and I can break it on Saturday when we are going out for a family meal for my dad's birthday. Need to ring the place in advance and ask if they can do me a vegan salad. If they can't do it, so much the better, I will just not eat!

Will be updating my blog regularly with how I am feeling. Right I am off to stock up my fridge on green veg. I feel really excited!!!!

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