Thursday, 14 January 2010

3-Day Juice Feast - DAY TWO (i)

I started the day off with half a litre of water with the juice of half a lemon. Then had my usual half litre of kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon. Now on second glass of water with lemon. It is now 11.11am and I feel a bit hungry. I didn't feel hungry when I woke up although I went to bed hungry. I think I will up the juice intake today and have 4 instead of 3. Upping the kale content may help. (Organic kale is currently 50% extra free in my local supermarket - could it be a sign?!) It is strange though as I feel a bit hungry but not really like I am craving food. And the hunger comes in short spells; it is not constant. Overall it is going well I think :)

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