Sunday, 8 November 2009

Observations on healing

On signing in to write this entry I found a comment on last night's entry from a new follower, so was very happy about that! This has motivated me to keep the blogging up! : )

Just wanted to note down a little observation before I forget - two weeks ago I got a massive bruise on my leg from hitting it on the corner of a desk - I have been amazed at how quickly and neatly it is healing! It has not once gone that nasty yellow colour but it is just shrinking, presumably around the actual point of impact, leaving nice new coloured skin around it. Wow! Could it be the power of all these green juices I have been having (up to two a day last week) and all that chlorophyll being so similar to something in your blood... need to read up more about this!

Also, I don't know whether anyone has noticed but that is a microwave and a george foreman grill in the background on the picture of my new blender! I have moved out now and so no longer use 'my raw kitchen' from my parents' house. Will have to do a post on my new kitchen soon. Even though I am sharing a kitchen with one cooked vegetarian and three cooked omnivores (sounds so funny calling them that) the arrangement is just as good for me as it was before! I have never believed my diet would cause me any serious practical difficulties in living in a cooked food world, and this continues to be the case. In fact I am sure that this belief is the reason I have no problems!

Woke up really late today (Sunday) so I obviously did need more sleep. Off to make a green juice now : )

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