Saturday, 7 November 2009

I love my salad dressing of:
Umeboshe plum paste
Lemon juice
tiny bit of olive oil

Had it tonight on green beans, brocoli (chopped very small), sliced mushrooms and grated courgette. Mushrooms soften a very crunchy salad like this and grated courgette is also lovely and soft and very filling too.

I got a new hand-held grater today and used it on the ginger, but unfortunately a lot of the ginger got stuck on the grater! I also got some new mixing bowls!!

Realising the importance of getting enough sleep today. Raw is great for energy and I have needed less sleep since going raw, but sleep is still necessary!

I have been thinking about what I will make for my first raw Christmas. Last year I was ill with a water infection and for the first time in my life I took one look at my dinner and just didn't want it! Perhaps not the best memory of my last conventional Christmas dinner... U have spotted some whole raw cranberries in the supermarket today but they are so expensive! They have also got whole shell-on nuts now so I bought a mixed bag plus a nut cracker today. So I am starting to think Christmas will be a great time for raw food!

Right I'm off to make a chocolate avocado pudding for desert!

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