Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Something different for a change

Don't get me wrong I was quite happy eating much the same every day, but it was in the back of my mind to try some new things and then suddenly I had a whole dinner with loads of things I haven't had for ages, plus one new thing - Pak Choi! (Pak Choi Salad recipe is a separate post under Recipes) I have never tried Umeboshi paste before (I will check the spelling tomorrow!) although I have had a jar in the cupboard for ages. It is amazing. Very strong tasting and you only need a little bit. So very pleased with this. I thought mushrooms could be incorporated well in to Chinese theme but I am not feeling overly inclined to eat these at the moment... found out from some produce department info from work (a benefit of working in a supermarket) that they need horse manure to grow... is that vegan, out of interest? I'm not ethically against the use of horse manure, but still don't fancy it...

Anyway, I was very pleased with this salad for a completely new invention! And my sister liked it too : )

So I had that for supper, and I also had loads of homous with carrot sticks (which tastes sooo so good) followed by some sneaky teaspoons of almond butter and buckwheat.

I am eating quite a lot of 'heavy' stuff at the moment (if you click on the 'Brian and Anna Maria Clement' link you will know what I mean) but I am feeling really good on it and I don't think it is suppressing my emotions or anything like that - right now things seem clear and I know what I want and how I feel about certain things, like boredom, frustration, impatience, anticipation, excitement, etc. I feel like I've put on weight and running is still going steadily. So I think I will stick with this diet for the time being. I still love my very filling breakfast and like to finish the day with something similarly filling, but knowing what to have for lunch is difficult - as I am usually not hungry I have a salad but I don't always feel that great afterwards, almost like it would be better not to eat at all. I did say I wouldn't eat when not hungry!! Maybe I will try not having lunch and see what happens...

Check out the tomatoes! They are just a bit bigger than cherry tomatoes but looking good

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